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Southern Exposure

21st Century Birching

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Birching is something we read about in 19th century erotica ... but what about today? Surely a "birch" is the ultimate green "pervertable"?! During this workshop with Mistress160 we'll:

  • study the corporal punishment history of birching
  • share some very hot scenes in 19th century erotica
  • learn how to make a "birch"
  • learn how to make a "birch" with non birch materials
  • explore techniques for applying it
  • discuss aftercare requirements

Suitable for all kinksters, from new to experienced players. You'll get to take home your own birch, with some great ideas for how to use it...

Presenter: Mistress 160


"a most interesting and informative workshop" ... "Thank you so much for the birching workshop, lots of fun and info. A walk amongst the trees will never be quite the same again"