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Aftercare & "Drop"

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Aftercare is one of the most important things you need to learn about BDSM. As Midori points out "the reality is that the presence or absence, timing, quality and sincerity of aftercare can make the difference between a fantastic scene and a miserable experience. It's as necessary as air or water; similarly vital, yet taken for granted until it goes missing or quality is degraded".

Drawing on the experiences of over 100 kinksters Mistress160 will discuss during this workshop:

  • What terms like aftercare and "drop" (as in "sub drop" or "top drop") mean
  • What "drop" feels like
  • What aftercare consists of
  • Working out your own aftercare needs ... we don't all need it!
  • The importance of aftercare after cyber play
  • Needing more aftercare than your Dom/me provides
  • Top guilt
  • Switches experiences with both types of 'drop'
  • Putting together a personal aftercare kit

Presenter: Mistress 160

"Thanks for the great info on drop, both for tops and bottoms. Its helped me and my exsub through a painful breakup, and may have saved our friendship." (Unen)