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Southern Exposure
Southern Exposure


Aleni’s home is DV8 House in Sydney where she has lived with her Master Mark for the past 7 years. Since 1999 Aleni has traveled all over the world and trained with some extraordinary Masters, Mistresses and leather families earning herself a reputation of one of the most experienced lifestyle Mistresses in Australia.bluesteel

Aleni has taught, advised and educated countless female tops and dominants over the years from her base in Sydney at DV8 House and last year taught a class in CBT at Shibaricon, USA.  This year she has been invited teach classes at Shibaricon and Southern Exposure  that are tailored to encouraging novice female tops and dominants to use the materials of kink to establish dominance in play.

Writer, artist, mother, Mistress, slave and friend; Aleni has written for various Kink Magazines, contributed to Art shows, founded girls lists, kink art co op and believes in 100% participation in life.

Workshop Topcs:-