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Arthur Masters

Arthur020Arthur Masters has been a Dom for as long as he can remember, although it was many years before he could identify what was living inside him. In his 'straight' life and under another name, he is an accomplished author, illustrator and musician. His recently published autobiography 'Top Secrets' is a frank and eminently readable account of his lifetime involvement with CP. It includes not only a great many intriguing details about Arthur, but also about CP and how it relates to and differs from the more widely documented world of BDSM.

Arthur Masters is a familiar name on the international CP scene, outside and beyond the fantasy world of his Club Corporal website and the lascivious writings of Annabel Rose. Launched in 2002, still features some of the best known English CP models, as well a great deal of useful information – and even Arthur playing a semi-fictional version of himself. In his book, Arthur refers to the 'intricately woven layers of fantasy and reality' in which he was living at the time. He does go some way to explaining who is actually who. He confesses to changing most of the names, including his own, for discretionary reasons.

In 2004 Arthur was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and while trying to come to terms with his condition, he decided that it was high time he came out. ‘Top Secrets', published in 2006, was a direct result of this decision.  Since then he has redoubled his efforts to share all he has learned and is still learning about the world of Dominance and submission. In 2007 he published his handbook 'CP from Top to Bottom'.  It is the information in this booklet that forms the basis of his workshop.

Workshop Topics:-