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Bridgett Harrington

bridgett.biopic002Bridgett Harrington is a gender queer fetishist, clown, Photographer, Dominatrix, bondage model and artist, and in general is far too busy for her own good. A pervert who has been part of the SM community from Seattle to England for over a decade, her passion for education and performance is contagious, and her joy iBridgettViciousVixensSample3n bri ngi ng her stu de nts int o "ge tting it," well known. She's had the opportunity to work as a bondage rigger and model for a wide variety of artists, websites, and videos, and in doing so has met more people than she can count who love bondage, pleasure and power exchange. Her new book, "Shibari You Can Use: Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macrame" is now available.

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