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Southern Exposure


Organizing Committee:-

Convener:- SteveC


Lifestyle Dominant and a prominent member of the Christchurch BDSM group Uncommon Bonds, SteveC is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities to the New Zealand BDSM community.  more...


Presenter Coordination:- Mistress 160

Curator, anthropologist, feature writer, sex blogger and researcher of alternative lifestyles, Mistress160 comes to Southern Exposure direct from helping organize the highly successful Gathering in Sydney (Oct 2010).  more...

Registrar:- Liz/puss

An active member of the Uncommon Bonds BDSM group in Christchurch. Liz, also known as puss, is SteveC’s wife and partner.

She hosts the regular Uncommon Bonds submissive Special Interest Group (subSIG).  more...