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Practicalities of Play: D/s for New Dominants

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You are doing all the right things - watching and learning at play parties, reading lots, and practicing your flogging / caning / bondage skills. You don't quite feel ready to use those skills in a scene yet, but you have a sub ready and waiting... What to do?!

In this workshop Mistress160 will provide you with basic practical information that will give you the confidence to organize and run your first scene. We'll talk about:

  • Assembling a basic BDSM toy box (why a blindfold is a new dominant's best friend)
  • Finding "pervertable" toys around your home, and fiendish uses for them
  • Looking the part ... or not (dominant dress styles vs comfort)
  • Basic D/s and power exchange techniques (and where to find more good resources to learn more)
  • How to organize a short real time scene
  • How to organize a short cyber play scene
  • Simple forms of restraint
  • Simple play techniques useful in your first few scenes. For example, temperature play, figging, pegging, clamp play, orgasm control and denial, puppy play etc
  • Working out your / your partner's aftercare needs (and where to find more info about aftercare)
  • Finding more online resources for dominants

Presenter: Mistress 160