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Southern Exposure

Playing in the Dark: Journeys Through Humiliation

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SM play is easy. You can hit, you can see the mark you left, and you have an idea of what it feels like. Humiliation? Not so easy. It’s playing in someone’s mind, digging through the things that are already in there, rummaging through the baggage, and inserting specific stimuli to create a mental and emotional challenge for the bottom that can be totally unique for both the bottom and the top. It also can challenge the top to step beyond their own boundaries of their own comfort levels, and stretches the definition of love and compassion for everyone.

We will talk about what humiliation is, the wide range of humiliation scenes from loving and sweet to cruel and dehumanizing, and how to maintain your equilibrium and your relationship while still playing on the dark side of the mind.

Presenter: Sarah Sloane