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Kinky Workshop Presenter Skills

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Facilitating a presentation or workshop is daunting when real people have paid hard earned  money to be there. When professional presenting is not your day job it can be difficult to know what to do to make sure you are really meeting the expectations of your audience and delivering value for money.

Inexperienced presenters make common and simple errors that can have a negative impact on the audience engagement.

These sessions are designed to provide new presenters with simple and practical presentation delivery tricks and techniques that will help your workshop facilitation deliver maximum impact.

Two facilitated workshops, held either side of the main conference event, these are very much intended as a participant driven round table, suitable for both novice and more experienced workshop presenters.

On Friday, if you wish, you can take advantage of the opportunity to hone your presentation techniques, based on peer feedback.  Come prepared with any workshop topic and try  (some of it) out on a sympathetic audience, get feedback and suggestions, and offer your own thoughts as well. 

Sunday you’ll reconvene and have further opportunities for discussion, b on presentation skills and techniques ased on your observations and experiences of the weekend.

Open to all, these workshops will be of particular value to anyone presenting at Southern Exposure. They’ll also be of benefit to others in the kink community who want to learn about effective ways to share their knowledge and skills

You’ll have access to people who are doing this on a full time basis, in both the kink and vanilla world.

Note: If you’re a beginner presenter,  and perhaps Southern Exposure is your first big presenter gig, then we are also offering pre-conference mentoring, primarily via email.  If you’re interested in this then contact the conference organizers from the Contacts page and we’ll put you in touch with our experts. 

Facilitators: Mistress 160,  Chilli