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Kumi (USA)

Kumi is an international performer and fetish model.  Of mixed Korean/US descent, she now resides in San Francisco, at least when her busy touring schedule allows!

As she says:-

“I work as a fetish/bondage model and performer. I try to be entertaining. I love my work and the opportunities it's opened up for me.

I am rarely at home (Northern California/San Francisco Bay Area). It seems I am in airplanes and airports more than my own bed.  I do enjoy travel a lot!

I bounce to & from San Francisco & Los Angeles as well as other  places.  Other places: Honolulu, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Tampa, New York City, London, Paris, Lille, Bremen, Berlin, Hamburg, Solingen, Frankfurt, Essen, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Copenhagen, Billund, Stockholm, Malmo, Umea, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Athens, Madrid, Warsaw, Brno, Shanghai, Tokyo, Cebu, Christchurch, Sydney and a few others.”


Kumi’s website is at