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Mark Dv8 House

Mark of DV8House in Sydney is a well known anMark Bio102d respected lifestyle dominant. His particular style of debauchery comes from years of practise and keeps him in strong demand as a teacher and performer. Mark is a passionate and skilled rope artist and top, who has notorious sexually charged energy, and a style of teaching that is open and down to earth. He is approachable and has a reputation for his ability to simplify the mystique that is often attributed to rope suspension bondage.

Mark was an international guest presenter at the Inaugural Austin Ropecraft Symposium last December and will be presenting at ShibariCon in Chicago this May.

Mark supports the continuing education of the Australian scene by sponsoring tours by diverse educators and performers such as Midori, Satomi, and Bridgett Harrington this coming May.

DV8 House will be presenting the LErotica II Fetish Ball, in Sydney this coming November; which features prominent performers from the international rope/fetish communities.

DV8 House play parties, hosted by Mark and his partner Aleni have been a mainstay of the Sydney BDSM community for almost 4 years. DV8 House has an outstanding reputation Australia wide for the standards of its dungeons, philosophy of lifestyle, resources to the community and as providers of education.