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midori_educ02How can one capture the charisma and vitality that is Midori on paper?  Midori is a champion of sex positive action, education, and adventure.  Joyously, she practices what she preaches!  Her unique blend of intelligence, style, experience, and hyper-sensuality is an inspiration to all who encounter her.

Wild Side Sex is the latest of the handful of books Midori has written.  When Midori is not busy writing, she travels the world presenting to universities, undergraduate clubs, and the general public.  Classes such as Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice, have sold out all over North America.

Midori01Raised in a feminist intellectual Tokyo household, she holds a degree in psychology from the U.C. Berkeley.  She has written for many publications and books including, Beauty of Fetish and Readings in Contemporary Sexuality.  Her work has appeared on HBO, BBC, Mademoiselle, Penthouse, Playboy, Der Spiegel, Wired, British Esquire, Vogue, Surface and many more.

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