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Mistress 160

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"Smart, funny and very wicked" Mistress160's "excellent" blog "offers education, sensuality, testimonials from subs + a wide array of [educational] resources suitable for everyone interested in BDSM (from connoisseur to novice)"

"Mistress160 i still thank you to this day for your words and articles .. they kept me alive. xx." (w)

"well thought out, well written, and highly  valuable ... the class had a profound impact on me and my  self-perception ... your blending of sexual imagery with commands during  the lessons was exquisite" (QL)

"Thank you so much for the birching workshop, lots of fun, and info. A walk amongst the trees will never be quite the same again" (l)

Mistress160 describes her desires as an Australian lifestyle Dominant as "diverse, eclectic and extreme".

She enjoys an intense and rewarding D/s relationship with her masochist husband solipsist, who will be co-presenting with her at the conference.  They live an "eco kinkster" existence off the grid in the Northern Rivers region of NSW (where they are establishing a BDSM intentional community).  Ms160 and sol's journey is documented on her blog Mistress160's Abode

A curator by profession, Ms160 has explored many other cultures and is happiest documenting and researching alternative lifestyles.  Ms160 has been involved with BDSM education for some time.  She was a feature writer for Australia's late premier alternative journal "Kink-E Magazine" and her popular BDSM For Beginners series now has it's own blog and will soon have it's own website, under the domain Fetlife members claim her "Emergency Self Aftercare" post has literally saved lives.

Ms160 has been organizing kink events for several years, and has worked hard to create kink friendly zones outside Australia's main BDSM communities. She runs a Northern NSW munch group, hosts ClubFEM events (she is Head Mistress of ClubFEM - NSW) in Sydney and throughout regional NSW, and encourages and supports rural BDSM event organizers.

Mistress160 has presented workshops and skill shares in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Melbourne. Major events include Kinkfest (Melbourne) in 2009, The Gathering (Sydney) in 2010 and Southern Exposure (Christchurch, New Zealand) in 2011. She was also part of the organizing team for The Gathering.

Her current interests and workshop topics include internal electrical play, chastity play and orgasm control / denial, play piercing and quilling, high protocol service, and sub hunting.