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Ms Drazy

msdrazy writes: My involvement in the New Zealand kink community began in mid-2004, when I learnt of its existence through online chat, and mailing lists. Not long after that, I joined Southern Kinx in Dunedin, attended my first munches and play parties, and met some of the people I am proud to call my friends.

I have extensive personal experience with issues affecting body image and self-esteem, and, this being an area of personal interest to me, I have spoken with many people over the years to gain an understanding of their experiences. I have always found many people in the BDSM community in particular to be very candid and willing to share their experiences to help others.

These days I live in Wellington with my partner and have occasional contact with the TES and RiverBound groups. I find that kink can be hard to fit in around daily life, but still try to keep involved where possible. One of my goals is to continue to develop my own concept of self, and grow as a person and a pervert within this world. Anyone who can learn from watching me toddle along (and sometimes fall over) on the way is a bonus.