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Nic Fletcher

nic_fletcherNic, head piercer at Illicit H.Q., has been professionally piercing for eight years. His exceptional standards of hygiene and his professionalism are well known around New Zealand. Nic is skilled in all areas of body piercing technique and he specialises in ear stretches, large gauge piercing, surface and genital piercing.

Nic completed a two year apprenticeship and spent a year working for Hamish Halley at Flesh Wound in Wellington. Without this Nic would not be the calm knowledgeable piercer he is today.

He went on to open his own studio in Christchurch called “The Seventh Circle”. This is where Nic spent the next five years refining his skills on the thousands of clients who went to his studio. This is where he gained his reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading artists.

Nic also has an interest in the performance and ritual aspects of piercing. During his apprenticeship he gained an interest in piercing suspension and has now done numerous suspensions both himself and for clients. He has performed at a number of parties/shows around New Zealand and has done various private sessions for other people.