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Southern Exposure

Nico & Casper

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Nico & Casper originally hail from Southern Africa and have been together for over 25 years.  In that time they have explored the complexities of D/s, within both the gay and  wider public scenes.  Nico identifies as a top, a sadist who brings a knowledge of anatomy and psychology to his play.  Casper is a masochist and bottom who enjoys pushing both his own and his tops limits.

Now resident in the upper South Island on an idyllic block of regenerating native bush, they are active in their local kink community.  They also are learning the delights of sailing with their recently acquired sloop, and an extended trip around the world is in their future.

They presented at Southern Exposure 2008, and return to us in 2011 with new topics that will intrigue and push to the edge of kink.