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Press Release

10 November 2008


More last minute programme changes

Southern Exposure has had to make a few last minute adjustments to the program.  These have been necessary because of unexpected presenter travel requirements.  Hopefully this will be the last such change, before the event begins in just a few more days.

We have burned the midnight oil and managed to minimise the changes so that they only affect Sunday afternoon.  The changes are as follows:-

  • Relationship Law has been cancelled - we will now be running this workshop as a local Uncommon Bonds workshop at some stage in the new year, all going well.
  • We have moved Aleni’s workshop How To Tie Up Men to run in its place, into the Relationship Law space.
  • We have a new workshop, Negotiate and Enjoy, presented by Master Jock, in the space where we had Aleni’s workshop.

 While we’re on the subject of changes - we’d also like to point out that we will now be using a different room for the photographic studio than what appears on the printed plan in the conference bag.  Don’t worry - we’ll have it sign posted, and it is in the same building as all of the other workshops, just down stairs on the ground floor.

This will make it much easier for those who have signed up for this workshop, especially as it reduced greatly the need to walk a long way in heels!

We’d also like to draw your attention to the You and the Media policy, which sets out the rules that any media attending the event must follow, and the camera use policy.  This effectively restricts camera use at the Southern Exposure venue to the photographic studio, the better to ensure your comfort and privacy.

The convenors are extremely excited to be only a few days from meeting old friends and new at the New Zealand kink education event of 2008!  We’ll see you all there!