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Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane is a BDSM / Polyamory / Sexuality educator, based in the Washington DC, area. She identifies as a queer service oriented sadomasochist, and is currently involved in multiple long-term polyamorous relationships. In addition, she is blessed to be part of a diverse leather family and friend network. Sarah started teaching knife play back in 2000, after being encouraged by her leather club brothers to share what she knew and loved with other people (what led you to teaching at this point? 653-25%Can you talk about the interests/passion that led to teaching knife play?) Since then, her classes have expanded; some cover activities that Sarah passionately enjoys while others examine the challenging internal and interpersonal work that is often explored by people who practice conscious (conscientious?) kink. Most attendees at her workshops comment that she's able to deliver information clearly, and they love the fact that she injects her lively sense of humor into each class, making it more fun for the participants. She enjoys working one-on-one with individuals and couples to teach new skills, and has expanded her range of offerings to include life coaching services, particularly those who are engaged in BDSM, Poly, or Swing relationships, as well as people whose sexual or spiritual orientation or gender identities are outside of what mainstream society believes to be the norm.

Sarah firmly believes that kink and alternative relationships can be touchstones for personal change and growth at a deep level. As a result, many of her classes and much of her coaching encourages students to search within themselves for their truths, advocate for their needs from a point of strength, and communicate clearly and responsibly. She also talks about integrating "vanilla" (or non-kink) experiences into the thinking processes required for successful BDSM play and relationship. Her goal as an educator is to challenge and encourage attendees to create the joyful relationships, the hot play - even the fulfilling life - that they truly desire, and to provide a forum by which they can network with others in order to find support in their chosen path.


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