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Southern Exposure
Southern Exposure



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9:30 am

Genital Play
Wicked and fun genital play for men and women

Arse Play
Starting at the bottom

Master Jock

Ask The Doctor
How to be “out” to your General Practioner and not be afraid!
Dr Marie Burke


12:00 pm

Lunch Break

1:00 pm

Erotic Rope Energy
Finding the bond beyond the bondage

BDSM and the Law
New Zealand Perspectives
Chris Gallivan

Beyond Tantra
Red hot erotic massage: surrender, control and sensation
Limit 10
Jan Marie

Erotic Photography
Hands On Limited 10
Kumi & Lindsay Mcleod

3:20 pm

Coffee Break

3:40 pm

Poly Forum
Open discussion of the polyamory lifestyle

Bondage, medicinal, adornment,  connection
Nico & Casper

Erotic Humiliation Play
Make ‘em blush, make ‘em squirm!


6:00 pm

Dinner Break

7:00  pm

Sensual Massage
Hot, Sexy & Erotic ways to pleasure your loved one!
Limited to 20

Mindfuck Play
A Mindfuck is a terrible thing to waste!

Sarah Sloane

CP:‘The English Disease’
The alternative world of Corporal Punishment

Arthur Masters


9:00 pm

Pre Ball Social/Drinks

10:00 pm

The Fetish Ball