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Scott Smith

Scott believes that the magic of BDSM comes through the physical and spiritual connection of the participants. And while his workshops develop and nurture that connection, he always maintains a decidedly sadistic edginess. Scott’s reputation for teaching some of the most spectacular classes in the US is most certainly earned and well-deserved.

Starting Scott_Smith_BDSMin the early 90's, he has presented countless sadomasochistic workshops and seminars throughout the country for organizations including: Chicago Hellfire Club, GMSMA, Leather University, C-Space, Living in Leather, OCLA, Sampler, Inferno, Thunder in the Mountains, Black Rose, Journeyman Academy, Orlando Bash, UPEX, Southplains Leatherfest and various international venues. Scott is an active member of Chicago Hellfire Club, has received a number of awards, and is incredibly honored to be a recipient of the Chicago Hellfire Club’s Caligula award.

ssmith_rope4_medScott Smith grew up in the Northwest and began exploring the facets of S&M at an early age. With his creative and rather deviant mind, he enthusiastically developed his techniques of bondage and suspension from his experience with nautical and high angle rope work. The powerful physical interactions that became the hallmark of his S&M activities were initially necessities for various activities including white water rafting, scuba, climbing, and paramedical rescue. 

Scott brings a distinct intensity and passion to the ebb and flow of learning, teaching and actualizing SM.

Workshop Topics:-