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Sensual Floor Work

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Whilst many rope enthusiasts see suspension as being the pinnacle of rope tying, in their quest to learn it they often by-pass the deep connections through rope that are achievable on the floor.

Rope is like an empty vessel, having no discernible form until the top manipulates it. During this act of tying, rope has the ability to able to fully transmit though it the intentions of the top. Unfortunately many people don’t fully investigate all that this entails, leading to rope scenes with the bottom being effectively a mannequin, being tied at arms length with no energy between the two participants, or in the words of Esinem (, they are “tying parcels, not people”.

One of the beauties of rope is that the same tie can be performed exactly the same way multiple times, but with a different energy and interaction each time; like a piece of classical music performed by different musicians, each infusing into the music their own passion and soul.

This will be a lecture/demonstration showing ways that you can inject energy and connection into your rope work through working on the floor.

Presenter: Scott