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Southern Exposure

Sir Sagamore

Greg1Often irreverent, definitely opinionated, unashamedly hedonistic, and probably sexually dyslexic, I don’t suffer fools easily and have been known to carry discussions down what may seem illogical paths to challenge the preconceived ideas of others. Loving to laugh, I see the funny side of most things and have a fully developed sense of the ridiculous which has lead to some very interesting moments and scenes which can be challenging to a hapless sub.

I enjoy cajoling others to look at things from different perspectives and challenge them to delve deeper and to think for themselves. Often found playing the devils advocate in, what on the surface, may seem to be black and white issues, I love to challenge things and see what lies beneath.

An interest in how others think has led me to explore the mind and how it perceives reality and messing with that reality in a BDSM sense is something I enjoy immensely. Living a bit out of Christchurch on a few acres with some very good friends gives me the peace and natural surroundings to explore my inner self and plot more dastardly deeds. The issues surrounding consent and what it really means is a subject that has a particular interest to me and what it means in a BDSM context both collectively and individually.

Workshop Topics:-