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Southern Exposure

The Slave Auction - Saturday evening from 8:30 pm

Welcome to the marketplace, good citizens.  We have much to offer you, for your pleasure and pain!

We have the finest slaves in all of the south lands, awaiting your pleasure.  Refer to the handbills given you at the gate when you arrived, and watch the notice board for late additions - we are sure you will find what you seek
  • Lots may only self register for sale
  • There is a limit to the number of lots which will be accepted for sale
  • All payments are to be made in Slave Dollars (SD)
  • All bidders are provided with SD1000
  • Additional Slave Dollars are available from the money changers at a rate of NZ$5 = SD1000
  • Slave Dollars may be purchased prior to, and during, the auction
  • Slave Dollars are transferrable but non refundable
  • All purchases are cash at time of sale - credit terms will not be extended to purchasers
  • All lots are offered with a minimum reserve price of SD1000
  • All lots constitute a person or persons, together with individualized usage terms and conditions
  • These individual terms and conditions cover subsequent use of the lot as purchased
  • Unless otherwise specified, lots become the winning bidders property for the duration of one scene, at which point they are to be freed
  • The lot has the right to withdraw from the sale contract at any time, if any of the sale conditions are breached
  • It is the buyers responsibility to negotiate, post sale, within these terms and conditions, direct with the lot purchased
  • The auctioneers offer no warranties, expressed or implied, with regards the quality of the lots
  • All sale proceeds are retained by the auction house