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TristanMy name is Tristan aka Tristan_nz. I have been in the BDSM scene, one way or another, for shy on 20years.

My experiences have led me on a journey through some of Australia’s BDSM and Gor culture, Adelaide and Melbourne in particular for fifteen years, and now New Zealand for the last 5 years.

In that time I have had the pleasure of watching some very remarkable Dom/Dommes and their subs/slave at various night clubs and parties and along the way have picked up some very helpful tips and tricks that I would care to share around, my goal is to awaken the showmanship in everyone and help develop what we do into an art form that is pleasurable for all. This is the aim of my workshop.

I live in rural Canterbury and own a lifestyle property surrounded with horses, cows, goats, chickens and a Turkey called BOB. My life isn’t going to be the same!

I will look forward to seeing those I know and new people in my workshop where I’m sure we will have some fun and learn new things…

Workshop Topics:-