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How to survive in New Zealand or how to make life easier and more creative and entertaining a la Verschnaetti

PetraVerschnaetti: a name which stands for a 154cm, blond, creative and caring for the living ,helpless and the near death.

Born and raised in the DDR,  formerly East Germany, before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  She enjoyed a life with not much crime and drugs, but with a lot of nudity and social engagement.

Creative, innovative and successful as a hairdresser, masseur, make up and costume artist in Europe and with a big love of music, she had to learn a lot more skills, which she badly needed to survive in NZ, where she arrived in 2001.

Not just costumes, make up and massage are known to her.  She also has a love of moving pictures and stills, parties and DJ’ing, furniture and artworks which she showed at previous events. A true survivor!

Workshop Topics:-