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Southern Exposure

You and the Media

You and the Media at Southern Exposure

As you may already be aware, Southern Exposure has attracted the attention of a number of overseas “kink” publications.  We therefore have a number of accredited media representatives who will be filing articles for publication.  These will likely appear in a future issue of the following magazines:-

  • Marquis Magazine
  • Skin Two
  • The Fetishistas

To protect your privacy, you will be able to identify these media people based on the colour of their conference tags.  They will be wearing a GREEN tag, with the word “MEDIA” on them, together with the name of their publication and their name.

You do not need to talk with them if you don’t want to – they will understand, and respect your right to privacy.


Accredited media will not be taking photographs at The Latimer or at the Friday night play party, other than in the photographic studio in the Boardroom studio.  Even then, this will only be with explicit permission from all those appearing in each photograph. 

We’d also like to remind you as a participant that this event has a “No Cameras” policy.  This includes use of cell phone cameras.  We reserve the right to remove people violating this policy from the event, and erase any images.

The Fetish Ball

The Fetish Ball on Saturday night is also a “No Cameras” event, aside from those photos taken by an official photographer.  An opportunity will be given to anyone who has attended Southern Exposure to review the images that might be published in an online Fetish Ball gallery, after the event.  If you wish any photo of you to be withdrawn from the Gallery, you can then contact The Fetish Ball organisers and it will not be published.  Southern Exposure will advise you by email when you can check out these images.

Your privacy is our concern, and the responsibility of all those who attend Southern Exposure.  We trust you will have an enjoyable weekend, and take away many happy memories of the event. 

Thank you.

SteveC and puss

Southern Exposure 2008 Convenors